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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, Volume 3, Number 1, November / December 1998 - Tony Rice: SOLD OUT OF HARD COPY
Price: $3.50

The November/December 98 issue of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine includes:

An article about Tony Rice: tab to "Little Beggarman" and "St. James Hospital"
An article about Kinscherff Guitars
Rhythm Masters: An article about Tim Austin
Flatpicking Profile: An article about Danny Barnes
Columnist Profile: An article about Mike Maddux
Tony RIce Book and CD by Tony Rice
Price: $19.95

On this digitally-enhanced CD, Tony Rice personally teaches intros, licks and complete solos to some of his favorite songs. Taken mainly from his hit albums "Cold On The Shoulder" and "Church Street Blues," these examples will give you a real taste of Tony's amazing guitar style as he interprets songs by Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, Norman Blake, Ian Tyson and other top songwriters. He provides invaluable tips that are sure to help you build your repertoire of licks, improve your flatpicking technique and expand your overall musicianship.
An Intimate Lesson with Tony Rice
Price: $30.95

This archival video lesson, originally recorded in 1984, brings the fabulous Tony Rice picking style up close and personal so you can clearly see what he's doing. Tony has chosen six songs and instrumentals to demonstrate a variety of styles and techniques, and he breaks them down carefully for the learning player.

Throughout this 60-minute DVD lesson you'll be able to watch the exact movement of both his fretting fingers and his right-hand flatpicking through our split-screen video technique and close-up camera work. In addition, Tony's beautifully rendered performances of the songs and instrumentals he teaches make his DVD a joy to watch even when you aren't picking along with him.
New Acoustic Guitar (Book/six CDs) by Tony Rice
Price: $57.95

Here's the whole gamut of the fabulous Tony Rice guitar style, from bluegrass basics to his own “new acoustic” compositions. Tony teaches and demonstrates licks, runs, tunes, advanced rhythm parts and the complex, improvisational solos that have made him the premier flatpick guitarist in the world. Songs: Red-Haired Boy • Little Sadie • Your Love Is like a Flower • Blue Railroad Train • Old Train • Ginseng Sullivan • Wild Horse • Jerusalem Ridge • Cattle in the Cane • Backwater • Mar West • Waltz for Indira • Devlin • Swing 51.