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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, Volume 2, Number 3, March / April 1998 - Russ Barenberg
Price: $1.00

The March/April 98 issue of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine includes:

An interview with Russ Barenberg: tab to "Big Sciota"
An article about Bourgeois Guitars
Rhythm Masters: An article about Dan Tyminski
Flatpicking Profile: An article about Bryan Sutton, tab to "Rawhide"
Columnist Profile: An article about John McGann
Russ Barenberg Teaches 20 Bluegrass Guitar Solos (Book & CD) by Russ Barenberg
Price: $19.95

Russ Barenberg has compiled twenty solos in the bluegrass tradition -- fiddle tunes, contemporary instrumentals and breaks for songs -- that are moderately challenging but not too difficult for the average guitarist. While learning these pieces, Russ helps you develop solid flatpick guitar technique, build a repertoire of great tunes, and get ready to solo in a band!

Russ plays each solo up-to-speed with accompaniment, and then slows it down so you can hear every note clearly and distinctly. Throughout, he provides tips and advice that will help you get the most out of these tunes, and make your playing really shine.
Exploring the Fingerboard with Russ Barenberg (CD'S/TAB)
Price: $54.95

This six-hour course provides a unique method for fully understanding the entire guitar fingerboard, enabling you to play any note in any position as it occurs on the neck.  Covers music theory, ear training, improvisation, left-hand exercises and more.  Highly recommended for serious students.   Also available on CD.