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The Bluegrass Guitar Style of Charles Sawtelle (book)
Price: $9.95

This book is currently on sale through the end of April 2016 for $9.95. The regular price is $19.95.

Charles Sawtelle is one of the most innovative guitar players in bluegrass history. His bluesy syncopated solos with the popular bluegrass band Hot Rize proved true the famous saying 'less is more.' Charles is a true master of tone, timing, and taste in bluegrass guitar playing and his exciting and innovative solos have thrilled bluegrass fans around the world. This comprehensive book provides you with a Sawtelle biography, an extensive interview with Charles, a section on Charles' rhythm style, 27 transcriptions of Sawtelle solos in both standard notation and tablature, with notes accompanying each solo transcription and dozens of photographs of Charles and Hot Rize. All fans of Hot Rize will love this book.
Acoustic Guitar Fundamentals DVD - Tim Stafford
Price: $19.95

In this 2-hour DVD from bluegrass guitar veteran Tim Stafford you will learn the fundamental skills that will make you a better guitar player no matter what your current ability level.

Tuning, Timing, Tone, Technique, and Taste are all essential skills that guitar players from beginners to professionals need to address on a regular basis. Tim's masterful presentation of these concepts and the practical, time tested methods he teaches you on this video will not only help you understand, improve and maintain these skills, but will advance your overall guitar skills considerably.
Improving Technique DVD - Tim May & Dan Miller
Price: $19.95

n this 90-minute DVD video Tim May and Dan Miller teach the details of right and left hand technique and mechanics that will help any pick style acoustic guitar player improve their speed, tone, note accuracy, fluidity, volume, and power.
Clinch Mountain Guitar DVD / TAB - James Alan shelton
Price: $24.95

In this one-hour instructional DVD James Alan Shelton and George Shuffler demonstrate and teach the guitar techniques that helped change the role of the guitar in bluegrass music. The music of the Stanley Brothers and Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys has featured lead guitar work since Bill Napier and George Shuffler brought the guitar to the forefront of the Stanley's music in the late 1950s. This video begins with James Alan Shelton, the current lead guitar player for Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, picking a tune with the legendary George Shuffler. James then interviews George regarding the development of his "crosspicking" guitar technique. George demonstrates the technique and provides a guitar solo to one of the tunes he helped to make a bluegrass standard, "Will You Miss Me." George and James then pick "Katy Dear" together and demonstrate their crosspicking talents.
Orrin Star's Flatpicking Guitar Primer DVD
Price: $24.95

Subtitled "What the Tab Won't Tell You," this DVD and its accompanying transcription book are designed for the guitar player who already has some knowledge of guitar chords, rhythm, and perhaps even lead styles outside of the flatpicking realm (fingerstyle, classical, blues, rock, etc.).

If you already know how to play the guitar, but are not familiar with the flatpicking style and repertoire, then this DVD is for you!
Orrin Star's Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar Workshop DVD/tab
Price: $24.95

Having created the first day-long workshop devoted exclusively to rhythm playing, renowned flatpicker Orrin Star has helped guitarists around the country improve their rhythm skills. This 95-minute video offers an enhanced version of Orrin's live workshop, featuring additional bass runs and songs, a new section on playing with other guitarists, and a guest appearance by Kenny Smith.
Advanced Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar DVD - Wyatt Rice
Price: $24.95

In this 90-minute DVD, rhythm guitar master Wyatt Rice teaches you how to greatly expand your rhythm guitar abilities by teaching: crosspicking rhythm; syncopated rhythm; a variety of right hand patterns combined with left hand technique to develop a "groove" rhythm; unique bass runs; passing chords; chord substitutions; and chord inversions. Additionally, Wyatt is shown improvisationally accompanying various instruments (banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin) and then analyzing what he has done to provide the rhythmic foundation behind each instrument. Special guest appearances by Rickie Simpkins, Kenny Smith, Sammy Shelor, and Tony Rice. Wyatt Rice has been one of the top rhythm guitar players in bluegrass and acoustic music for the past 20 years. He has been a member of the Tony Rice Unit since 1984. Of Wyatt's rhythm, Tony Rice has said, "He gave the band a fuller voice and an easily identifiable sound. Things that I did with the guitar I could not otherwise have done if Wyatt's rhythm guitar had not been there."

This item is also available for digital download at Flatpick Digital Academy:  Click Here to Access that Website.
Flatpick Jam: The Complete Package, Volumes 1-4 & Special Edition Tunes DVD-ROM
Price: $34.95

On this DVD-Rom disc you will find all of the Flatpick Jam (play-along) tracks for the 49 tunes that appear on all of the Volumes of Brad Davis' Flatpick Jam series. Additionally, in the "Flatpick Jam Tabs" folder on this disc, you will find a folder for each tune that includes transcriptions provided by Brad (the numbered transcriptions), plus any arrangement of that particular tune that has appeared in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine during our first 10 years of publication. This means that you will get anywhere from 4 to 10 different variations of every tune tabbed out. Additionally, the audio tracks that are companions to those FGM arrangements are also included. This is the ultimate Flatpick Jam package and a must have resource for anyone who wants to build their flatpicking repertoire, learn variations, and study different arrangements of all of the standard jam session tunes. And you are able to practice all of your arrangements at four different tempos by jamming along with Brad Davis!