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Pre-Treated Polishing Cloth
Price: $4.95

Planet Waves pre-treated polishing cloths are produced with a cleaner built into the cloth, eliminating the need for extra polish. The fastest and easiest way to maintain the luster of any instrument.
Instrument Workbench Stand
Price: $7.95

The Planet Waves Headstand provides secure support to guitars and basses for hassle free string changes and instrument maintenance. The compact design folds up for easy storage and the soft, over molded contact points will not damage instrument finishes. The compact size and collapsibility allow you to store The Headstand in your case, so it's there whenever you need it. Product Dimensions (folded): 5.25" x 1.18". Product Dimensions (standing): 5" x 4.25". Not intended for use with Banjos and mandolins
Renew String Cleaning System
Price: $7.95

Planet Waves Renew is a patented string cleaning system preserves that new string tone and feel by cleaning both sides of instrument strings at once with an easy to use applicator and cleaning solution. Regular use of the system will extend string tone and life. The system comes complete with two string cleaning tools, 12 replacement pads and a cleaning solution. Simply apply the cleaning solution to the cleaning pads and wipe the applicator up and down the strings. Renew is the ultimate string cleaning system.