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Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar DVD / CD / Book Set - John Jorgenson
Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar DVD / CD / Book Set - John Jorgenson

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In this first of three volumes of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine's new Gypsy Jazz Guitar instructional series John Jorgenson has designed and presented one of the most complete acoustic guitar instructional methods available on the market today. Each volume of this three-part series includes a 2-hour instructional DVD, an audio CD with practice audio tracks, and a full format book which presents all of the theoretical information, chord charts, fret board diagrams, music notation, and tablature for the material presented on the DVD.

In this first volume "Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar," Jorgenson provides the foundational information and practice material necessary for you to gain an understanding of the Gypsy jazz guitar style. The first half of this volume addresses the important element of Gypsy jazz rhythm. After discussing correct right hand rhythm technique, Jorgenson teaches the closed chord forms of a basic blues progression and then systematically introduces new chords into that progression to add "color" and "spice" while also introducing you to the characteristic "moving chord" style of Gypsy rhythm. After addressing the basic blues progression, Jorgenson then transitions into the more Gypsy sounding minor blues progression and introduces the three-note" chords which are prominent in Gypsy style rhythm guitar.

The second half of this first volume addresses soloing. Here Jorgenson not only lays the groundwork of Gypsy jazz soloing, but in the process also presents you with a method which serves to greatly enhance your understanding of the fingerboard and improvisational playing. Jorgenson teaches arpeggios, note maps, lead patterns, and Gypsy techniques in every area of the fingerboard and in various keys. Additionally, he masterfully shows how the arpeggios and patterns relate to one another.

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