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Flatpicking Styles, Volume 2 - Irish & Canadian Tunes CD-ROM
Flatpicking Styles, Volume 2 - Irish & Canadian Tunes CD-ROM

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On this CD-Rom, containing 75 articles, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller has compiled all of the articles from Flatpicking Guitar Magazine that have appeared during the first twelve years of the magazine's publication that pertain to the flatpicking guitar tunes that come to us from Ireland, England, Scottland, the British Isles, and Canada.

The list of tunes includes:
A Bit of Ginger, arranged by John McGann
Ash Grove [The], arranged by Harold Streeter
Bachelor Jig, arranged by Adam Granger
Bear Island Reel, arranged by John McGann
Belfast Hornpipe, arranged by John McGann
Bessie Brown, arranged by Adam Granger
Blarney Pilgrim [The], written by Adam Granger
Bonnie Dundee, arranged by Adam Granger
Burning of the Piper's Hut [The], arranged by William Bay
Butterfly, [The] (lead and rhythm) arranged by Joe Carr
Carmody's Jig, arranged by Adam Granger
Celtic Music, by Chris Jones
Coleraine, arranged by Adam Granger
Creeping Docken, arranged by Arty McGlynn, transcribed by Brad Davis
Crested Hens (rhythm), arranged by John Doyle, transcribed by Joe Carr
Dark Island, arranged by John McGann
Drowsy Maggie (Irish Dance Music), by John McGann
Drowsy Maggie, arranged by Jeff Troxel
Elk's Festival Hornpipe, arranged by Steve Kaufman
Ellen O'Grady, arranged by Adam Granger
Farrell O'Gara, (Traditional Irish Music) by John McGann
Farewell to Whiskey, written by Mike Maddux
Flee as a Bird (Exploring the British Islands III), by Beppe Gambetta
Flowers of Sweet Erin, the Green, arranged by Bill Bay
Fred Finn's Reel, (Exploring the British Islands II), by Beppe Gambetta
Greensleeves Jig, arranged by Adam Granger
Helseyside Reel [The], arranged by Adam Granger
Irish Rhythm Basics, by John McGann
Irish Washerwoman [The], arranged by Adam Granger
Irish Washerwoman [The] arranged by Joe Carr
Irish Washerwoman [The], arranged by Orrin Star
Jackson's, arranged by Adam Granger
Jenny's Chickens, (Irish Fiddle Music), by John McGann
Jenny's Chickens 2, arranged by John McGann
Kid On The Mountain, (Slip Jig) arranged by John McGann
King of the Pipers, arranged by Tony McManus
Lark In The Morning, arranged by Adam Granger
Lark On The Strand, arranged by Adam Granger
Maids of Castlebar, (Irish Reel) arranged by John McGann
Man From Newry [The], arranged by John McGann
Mathematician [The], by James Scott Skinner, arranged by Chris Newman
McGibbney's Fancy, arranged by Adam Granger
Men of Ulster, arranged by John McGann
My Irish Home, written by Bill Bay
Old Irish Blessing, arranged by Harold Streeter
Parson's Farewell, arranged by Bill Bay
Peter Byrne's Fancy, arranged by Arty McGlynn, transcribed by Brad Davis
Planxty Irwin, arranged by Harold Streeter
Pop Goes the Weasel, arranged by Adam Granger
Pot o' Gold Jig [The], arranged by Adam Granger
Rakish Paddy, arranged by Robin Bullock
Rose in the Heather [The], arranged by Steve Kaufman
Rat Up On The Harp [The] written by Craig Vance & Chris Leske
Salior On The Rock, arranged by John McGann
Smash the Windows, arranged by Adam Granger
Spay and the Spate, (Exploring the British Islands I), by Beppe Gambetta
Star Spangled Jig [The], arranged by Adam Granger
Tamlin, arranged by Orrin Star
Taylor's Twist, arranged by John McGann
The Roseville, arranged by Joe Carr
Wise Maid, arranged by Kathy Barwick
Wise Maid (rhythm), arranged by Kathy Barwick

Anne-Marie Reel, arranged by Adam Granger
Farmer's Reel [The], arranged by Adam Granger
Gaspe Reel [The], arranged by Adam Granger
Pointe au Pic, arranged by Orrin Star
Reefer's Hornpipe, arranged by Adam Granger
The Cape Breton Set, arranged by J. P. Cormier

Plus Bonus Fiddle Tune Articles:
Fiddle Tune Forms, by Adam Granger
Variations of Fiddle Tunes, by Adam Granger
More About Variations, by Adam Granger
Playing Rhythm to Flatpicking Standards, by Joe Carr
What's In A Name?, by Adam Granger
The Old Dogs, by Adam Granger
Our Local Picking List, by Adam Granger

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