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Flatpick Jam: The Complete Package, Volumes 1-4 & Special Edition Tunes DVD-ROM
Flatpick Jam: The Complete Package, Volumes 1-4 & Special Edition Tunes DVD-ROM

Price: $34.95

Product Code: 2433

Note: This DVD-Rom is a data disc that contains PDF files and mp3 files for use on your computer. This is not a viewable video DVD.

On this DVD-Rom disc you will find all of the Flatpick Jam (play-along) tracks for the 49 tunes that appear on all of the Volumes of Brad Davis' Flatpick Jam series. Additionally, in the "Flatpick Jam Tabs" folder on this disc, you will find a folder for each tune that includes transcriptions provided by Brad (the numbered transcriptions), plus any arrangement of that particular tune that has appeared in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine during our first 10 years of publication. This means that you will get anywhere from 4 to 10 different variations of every tune tabbed out.

Additionally, the audio tracks that are companions to those FGM arrangements are also included. This is the ultimate Flatpick Jam package and a must have resource for anyone who wants to build their flatpicking repertoire, learn variations, and study different arrangements of all of the standard jam session tunes. And you are able to practice all of your arrangements at four different tempos by jamming along with Brad Davis! With Brad Davis' Flatpick Jam Series, you are never without a jamming partner.

This DVD-Rom contains 49 flatpick jam favorites (in mp3 format). Brad plays each tune at four different tempos (slow, slow/medium, medium/fast, and fast) so that you can work on your tone, timing, note clarity, and fluidity at the slower tempos and then work to develop your speed at the higher tempos. At each tempo Brad takes a solo and then plays rhythm so you can take your solo. At the three higher tempos Brad swaps solos and rhythm with you twice. This gives you the opportunity to practice your solo and rhythm seven times on every tune. On each tune Brad plays a variety of rhythmic and lead styles. A bass line and mandolin chop accompany every song at every tempo.

Tunes presented from Volume 1 are: 1. Forked Deer 2. Temperance Reel 3. Sally Goodin 4. Soldier's Joy 5. Blackberry Blossom 6. Salt Creek 7. Wildwood Flower 8. Billy in the Lowground 9. St. Anne's Reel 10. John Hardy 11. Paddy on the Turnpike

Tunes presented from Volume 2 are: 1. Turkey in the Straw 2. Sailor's Hornpipe 3. Whiskey Before Breakfast 4. Black Mountain Rag 5. Red Haired Boy 6. Arkansas Traveler 7. Old Joe Clark 8. Nine Pound Hammer 9. Bill Cheathum 10. Angeline the Baker 11. Reuben

Tunes presented from Volume 3 are: 1. Katy Hill 2. Lonesome Road Blues 3. Cherokee Shuffle 4. Cattle in the Cane 5. Over the Waterfall 6. Coo Coo's Nest 7. Fisher's Hornpipe 8. Liberty 9. Texas Gales 10. Ragtime Annie 11. Redwing

Tunes presented from Volume 4 are: 1. Flowers of Edinburgh 2. Shady Grove 3. John Henry 4. Texas Gales 5. Home Sweet Home 6. Crazy Creek 7. Leather Britches 8. Cotton Patch Rag 9. Eigth of January 10. Flop-Eared Mule

The tunes presented from the Special Edition disc are: 1. Alabama Jubliee 2. Beaumont Rag 3. Big Mon 4. Gold Rush 5. Huckleberry Hornpipe 6. Jerusalem Ridge

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