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The Guitar Player's Right Hand Workout Book/CD By Jeff Troxel
Price: $19.95

The Guitar Player's Right Hand Workout
The right hand is the most important component in the development of your guitar playing skills. You can have great left hand technique and know all of your scales and chords, but if your right hand is not accurate, smooth, and relaxed, then your timing suffers, your tone is weak, your note clarity is lacking and there is no sense of fluidity to your music. Your right hand is your metronome and your ability to create great tone and play at high tempos resides mostly in that right hand as well.
Flatpicking Guitar Christmas - by Roberto Della Vecchia
Price: $19.95

Flatpicking Guitar Christmas: 10 Carols Arranged for Solo Flatpicking Guitar
Book and Audio CD
By Roberto Dalla Vecchia

During the holiday season, it is not uncommon for guitar players to be asked by family and friends if they would play a few seasonal tunes. Unfortunately, most guitar players do not spend a lot of time practicing and learning these tunes. For a flatpicker, picking up the guitar and playing a Christmas melody without the accompaniment of other musicians is something that is typically outside of their comfort zone. But that doesn't have to be the case!
Solo Flatpicking Guitar by Roberto Dalla Vecchia
Price: $19.95

Solo Flatpicking Guitar: 10 Favorite Fiddle Tunes
     Since flatpicking guitar players typically perform and record in the ensemble setting, flatpicking solos are usually arranged in the context of other instruments providing rhythmic and harmonic accompaniment.  While those single note linear solos sound great when played in the context of an ensemble, they can sound quite sparse and lacking in texture and dimension if the flatpicking guitar player is playing alone.  More and more, flatpickers are exploring solo performance.  Well known flatpickers like Dan Crary, Beppe Gambetta, Steve Kaufman, David Grier, Robert Bowlin and Orrin Star, and others, are performing and/or recording as solo acts.  These players are adding techniques such as open ringing notes, chordal strums, chord-melody style phrases, floating licks, drone notes, and crosspicking to their linear lines in order to add a full texture and broad dimension to solo performances.  But still, written material arranged for the solo player is not so easy to find.  Solo Flatpicking Guitar aims to fix that problem.
Learning Music By Ear For All Stringed Instruments - Book and CD
Price: $19.95

Learning how to play your musical instrument by ear is a skill that is vital to your development as a musician. While reading music is also a valuable skill, in many forms of music—folk, old-time, bluegrass, rock, Celtic, blues, country, jazz—you are not typically going to have a music stand sitting in front of you at a jam session or stage performance. Also, in these genres of music, it is very likely that a given song that you want to learn will not be available to you in written form and so the only way you will be able to learn the song is if you know how to do it by ear.
Study in Flatpicking - Jeff Troxel - Book / Audio CD
Price: $24.95

A Study In Flatpicking: Twenty Tunes and Variations - Spiral Bound Book with 2 CDs is ideal for anyone who wants to learn tunes, and variations, from the standard flatpicking fiddle tune repertoire. This is the "ideal" book because author Jeff Troxel provides more than just simple tunes and variations here. In the front of the book he talks about how to think about the arrangement and execution of fiddle tunes (through text and example) in a section called "Arranging A Fiddle Tune." He also provides an appendix full of scale and arpeggio fingering exercises, music theory, and slurring exercises that will help any player increase his or her knowledge of the fingerboard and their technical abilities on the guitar. Working through all of the examples and exercises in addition to learning the two arrangements to each tune that Jeff presents in this book will improve your overall flatpicking abilities and knowledge. Even if you already know arrangements for all of these tunes, learning Jeff's well thought out arrangements will greatly expand your ability to create your own variations and improvisations. Jeff also provides audio files for each tune so that you can hear what the arrangements are supposed to sound like.
Flatpicking Essentials - Volume 1: Rhythm, Bass Runs, and Fill Licks Book / Audio CD by Dan Miller
Price: $24.95

Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 1: Rhythm, Bass Runs, and Fill Licks - Spiral Bound Book and CD
Written and Compiled by Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Editor Dan Miller
This 96-page spiral bound instructional book, with audio CD, teaches you how to play interesting and exciting rhythm guitar accompaniment by showing you how to fill the rhythm guitarist roles of: Keeping Good Time, Outlining the Chord, Leading the Listener's Ear to the Chord Change, and adding Texture, Excitement, Drive, and Interest. The goal of this book and accompanying CD is to make you a better rhythm player, and to also prepare you to begin playing lead guitar in Volume 2 (Learning How to Solo: Carter Style Leads and Beyond).
Flatpicking Essentials - Volume 2: Learning How to Solo - Carter Style and Beyond Book / audio CD by Dan Miller
Price: $24.95

Learning How to Solo - Carter Style and Beyond  This Edition is the Spiral Bound Hardcopy Book with 2 CDs
You CAN learn how to take a guitar solo on ANY vocal tune!!   In the 108-pages of Volume 2 of the Flatpicking Essentials series you will be given very detailed instruction designed to teach you how to:
1) Select a Vocal Song
2) Learn the Chord Progression by Ear
3) Learn the Basic Melody by Ear
4) Find the Carter Style Arrangement
5) Learn How to Simplify the Melody
6) Embellish the Carter Style Arrangement using techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, alternate chord strums, tremolo, double stops, crosspicking, neighboring notes, scale runs, drones, and fill licks.
Flatpicking Essentials - Volume 3: Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes Book / 2 CDs by Dan Miller
Price: $24.95

Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes
Flatpicking and fiddle tunes go hand-in-hand. However, in this day and age too many beginning and intermediate level players rely too heavily on tablature when learning fiddle tunes. This becomes a problem in the long run because the player eventually reaches a plateau in their progress because they don't know how to learn new tunes that are not written out in tablature, they do not know how to create their own variations of tunes that they already know, and it becomes very hard to learn how to improvise. Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 3 helps to solve all of those problems. In this volume of the Flatpicking Essentials series you are going to learn valuable information about the structure of fiddle tunes and then you are going to use that information to learn how to play fiddle tunes by ear, and create your own variations.
The Flatpicker's Guide to Irish Music by Dan Miller and Tim May
Price: $24.95

Tim May and Dan Miller's book and audio CD "The Flatpicker's Guide to Irish Music" (116 pages) introduces the flatpicking guitar player to ten common Irish tunes and the theory and technique of Irish rhythm. The first part of the book discusses the theory and technique of Irish guitar rhythm, to include right hand technique, chord substitutions, and bass movement within chords. In a typical Irish session, the lead instruments will all play the melody simultaneously and the rhythm guitar player will improvise the chord changes behind the melody. In the second part of the book each of the ten tunes presented include a study the melody of the tune, variations on the melody, standard chords for the tune, and chord substitution variations. The tunes presented cover 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, and 9/8 time signatures and a variety of typical embellishments that are common to Irish music. The concept of modes is also addressed as the tunes that are presented include tunes played in the Ionian, Aeolian, and Dorian modes. Additional rhythm ideas that include harmonized scale rhythm, Drop D rhythm, and DADGAD chords are also presented.
Flatpicking Essentials - Volume 4: Understanding the Fingerboard and Moving Up-the-Neck Book / Audio CD by Dan Miller
Price: $29.95

Understanding the Fingerboard and Moving Up-the-Neck
Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 4: Understanding the Fingerboard and Moving Up-The-Neck, as the name implies, teaches you how to become familiar with using the entire fingerboard of the guitar and it gives you many practical exercises and song examples that will help you become very comfortable playing up-the-neck. With this book and CD you will learn how to explore the whole guitar neck using a very thorough study of three important fingerboard familiarization "road maps," including: chord shapes (chord "centers"), scale patterns (both horizontal and vertical), arpeggios, and song examples. You will also learn how to comfortably move up-the-neck and back down using slides, open strings, scale runs, harmonized scales, floating licks, and more. Over 150 pages in length, this book provides a very thorough study of each topic. If you've ever sat and watched a professional player's fingers dance up and down the fingerboard with great ease and you thought "I wish I could do that!" This book and 2 CD set are for you!