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Here are our current 2023 workshop dates (more to come):

Beppe Gambetta "Declarations of Love" Concert

Saturday, October 7th, 2023
Jade Green Farm, Harrisburg,

Italian guitar virtuoso Beppe Gambetta will perform a house concert at the Jade Green Farm in Harrisburg, Missouri on October 7th, 2023. Tickets are $15 per person, pay at the door.

The concert has the same title of Beppe Gambetta’s recent book where the main question is: “Can being together in the beauty of music, good humor, and great food be the key to a better world? “ Beppe Gambetta tries to answer to this question during his concert, by reliving the encounters and "declarations of love" that have marked his career as an independent artist. These are declarations of love for music, songs, acoustic guitar, travels, and also for the warmth of the audience, the Founding Fathers of the art, the music communities that you can find at festivals and jam sessions, for his hometown Genoa and also for the smell of the “sauté” of onion, porcini, parsley and pepper! A musical path for togetherness based on a unique guitar style that Beppe brings to the audience with lightness and sincerity.

Beppe Gambetta is a musician and ambassador of art, who, for more than four decades, continues to amaze us with the uniqueness and originality of his projects born on both sides of the Atlantic. He is an acoustic guitarist, songwriter, producer, and educator, and his art is fueled, above all, by the curiosity that springs from encounters, travel, and research. He has brought back forgotten artists, popularized and reinvented folk guitar techniques, produced unforgettable shows and much original music for which he is loved and respected on the international scene.

For details, contact Dan Miller: editor@bluegrassunlimited or 573-823-5582

Swing and Jazz Workshop for Guitar and Mandolin
Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 12th, 2023
Jade Green Farm, Harrisburg,

with Tim May and Dan Miller

This workshop is for anyone who would like to improve their ability to play both rhythm and lead on swing and jazz tunes on the guitar or mandolin. In this workshop, we address topics like reharmonizing the chord progressions with various chord substitutions, we provide ideas about soloing on these tunes and soloing over standard swing progressions and turn-arounds, and then we spend a good bit of time working on ideas for improvising on these tunes using scale and arpeggio patterns.
For this workshop, in order to help facilitate us rolling up our sleeves and jumping right in, we send out a packet in advance of the workshop date to everyone who is attending. This packet will include the chords and melody to six standard swing tunes. Plus we also send some scale and arpeggio patterns to practice. That way, we can make sure that everyone has some familiarity with the tunes that we will be working with so no one will be trying to learn the tune and chord progression from scratch on that weekend. Anytime class is not scheduled, jamming is encouraged.

Food will be provided and lodging is available. The number of attendees will be kept between 10 and 12 people so that everyone can receive personal attention.

For details, contact Dan Miller: [email protected] or 573-823-5582