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March 2013 Free Flatpicking Lesson
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

"Fireball Mail"

by Dan Miller

      Hello Everyone and Welcome to this month’s free lesson! Our regular newsletter instructor, Mickey Abraham, was feeling a bit under the weather as this month’s deadline approached, so he asked me if I’d fill in. When I was thinking about what tune would be good to provide this month I thought back to several jam sessions that I’d been in earlier this year that included banjo and/or Dobro players. Usually when I’m in a jam session that includes beginning to intermediate level banjo or Dobro players, I don’t like to call out fiddle tunes because fiddle tunes can be a challenging on those instruments. I usually like to provide a banjo and Dobro friendly tune and one of my favorites in that situation is “Fireball Mail.” This is a tune that is fun to play on the guitar and it lays out nicely on banjo and Dobro and so those folks usually know how to play it.
I’ve provided a very simply and straight forward version that shouldn’t take you very long to learn. So, the next time you get together with your banjo and Dobro playing friends, call out “Fireball Mail” when it is your turn to pick the tune. I’m sure that they will appreciate it!

"Fireball Mail"