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Frequently Asked Questions


On this page we are going to provide answers to frequently asked questions about the Flatpicking the Blues book/DVD/CD instructional package as well as questions about playing blues guitar in general. Since the book is brand new and readers are just now digging in, we have yet to receive many "frequently" asked questions. But keep checking back. As we get more questions, we will post the answers here! If you would like to email us a question, click <here>. Please put "Flatpicking the Blues" in the subject line.


While this page is mainly dedicated to guitar players who are currently working with the Flatpicking the Blues book/CD/DVD package. The first few questions listed below are those being asked by individuals who have found us on the web, but have not seen the Flatpicking the Blues instructional package.

1) What is Flatpicking? This is the main question that guitar players who have found us on the web have been asking. If you are not familiar with this term, you can find the answer to this question by clicking <here>.

2) What is in the Flatpicking the Blues course? While there is a brief description of this course on our mercantile site (www.flatpickingmercantile.com), you can find a more detailed description by clicking <here>.

3) How do I connect the blues scales as I move up the neck? On page 31 of the book we provided you with some "box" pattern blues scales at various positions on the neck. In order to move smoothly from one position to the next, it is a good idea to practice patterns which connect those boxes and learn how and when to shift your hand position so that your movement from one area of the neck to another is fluid and smooth. In order to help you practice this movement, we have provided some scale patterns here on the web that will help you with these connections. If you will navigate to the Blues Scales section of this web site and work with Blues Scales #1 through #6. This will help.

4) I'm having trouble coming up with my own arrangement of songs, do you have any suggestions? This is a good question. In Flatpicking the Blues we asked you to come up with our own arrangement of "Nine Pound Hammer" (the homework on page 73). We asked you to use Brad Davis' arrangements as a model, but we did not take you through steps that would help you with that process. If you are unfamiliar with working out your own arrangements to songs, this may have been a frustrating homework problem for you. Click <here> and you will find a lesson that takes you through a few steps which begin at the simple melody and then proceed along a logical path to arranging a blues simple blues solo to "Nine Pound Hammer."