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Adam Granger —Column Compilation - Book plus mp3 Audio
Adam Granger —Column Compilation - Book plus mp3 Audio

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Flatpick Rhythm Columnist Compilation Series: Adam Granger

A Collection of Adam Granger's Articles from Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

258-page book with 123 mp3 Audio tracks

This book includes every column that Adam Granger produced during the 20 years we published Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. There are 120 articles in this 258 page book and 123 mp3 audio files are included. We didn't produce audio CDs for our first three years, but for this project Adam went back and recorded audio for those columns to include in this book. So, every column that included tab has corresponding audio tracks.

The original topic for Adam’s column was “Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes” and he pretty much kept to that topic for all 120 issues. When we began the magazine we asked Adam to address this topic because he had already produced a wonderful book Granger’s Fiddle Tunes for Guitar, with 508 fiddle tunes. We figured that someone who had written a book with 508 fiddle tune arrangements for the guitar would be an expert on the topic. We were not wrong! Adam did a fantastic job with each column. An extra bonus to each of Adam’s columns was his parting words, which he included in a text box at the end of each article. What started out as a short, standard Adam Granger bio at the end of his article began to become more creative as the years rolled on. Through each of these short digressions Adam shared his history, wit, humor, and wisdom with readers.

Contents: Adam address a wide variety of topics in his columns. In the book there is a topic index and a tune index. So that you can get a good idea of what is presented in this book, here are a list of both the tunes and the topics

Tune Index:

Ace of Spades, The—V10 N2

Acrobat's Hornpipe—V19 N5

Adrian's Hornpipe—V19 N5

Alfie's Hornpipe—V19 N5

Amateur Hornpipe—V19 N5

Anne-Marie Reel—V4 N2

Arkansas Traveler—V1 N5

Arkansas Traveler + 2 Variations—V7 N5

Bachelor Jig—V7 N6

Banjo Tramp—V19 N6

Banjo Tramp—V20 N6

Bantry Bay—V19 N6

Barlow Knife—V19 N6

Beet Pie—V16 N5

Bessie Brown—V7 N6

Bill Tenner’s Reel + 3 Variations—V2 N6

Bitter Creek—V10 N2

Blackberry Blossom + 2 Variations—V9 N2

Blarney Pilgrim, The + Harmony—V5 N4

Blue Goose—V15 N6

Blue Mule—V1 N6

Bonnie Dundee—V7 N6

Boys and Girls + Variations—V12 N4

Briarpicker Brown—V15 N6

Buffalo Gals + Variations—V5 N6

Carmody’s Jig—V12 N6

Carpenter's Reel—V20 N4

Carrick Jig—V20 N4

Cat Rambles to the Child's Sauce Pan, The—V20 N4

Cattle in the Cane—V18 N1

Cattywampus + Variations—V5 N3

Cheat Mountain—V18 N4

Coleraine—V12 N6

Constitution Hornpipe—V19 N4

Cotton Patch Rag—V18 N2

Country Boy Rock and Roll—V11 N4

Cowboy’s Dream—V3 N6

Cowboy’s Reel—V3 N6

Doheny's Favorite—V17 N6

Doherty's Reel—V17 N6

Done Gone—V17 N6

Dowd's Reel—V19 N4

Dubuque—V17 N3

Ducks on the Pond—V7 N3

Durang's Hornpipe—Bluegrass/Old-time—V19 N1

Durang's Hornpipe—Irish—V19 N1

Ebeneezer—V18 N4

Ebeneezer + Fauxpicked Version—V20 N2

Eddie Kelly's—V20 N5

Eighth of January, The—C and D—V20 N5

Eighth of January, The—G and A—V20 N5

Eighth of January, The + Variations—V9 N5

Elfin Jig—V20 N5

Ellen O’Grady—V1 N2

Farmer's Jamboree, The—V19 N2

Father Kelly's—V19 N2

Father O'Flynn—V19 N2

Flies in the Buttermilk—V16 N5

Flowers of Edinburgh, The + Harmony—V13 N1

Flying Cloud Cotillion, The—V6 N2

Flying Cloud Cotillion, The—V20 N6

Foggy Mt Special + 3 Variations—V12 N3

Forked Deer + 3 Variations—V4 N5

Frankie—V15 N6

Fred McFeely Rogers March, The—V11 N3

Gary’s Polka—V6 N1

Gaspe Reel, The + Bourdoin addition—V7 N2

Gertie’s Reel—V4 N6

Gospel Ship—Two Solos—V19 N3

Grant Lamb’s Breakdown—V3 N5

Greensleeves Jig—V8 N3

Grey Eagle + Variations—V4 N1

Griffin Hornpipe—V17 N2

Growling Old Man—V6 N5

Happy Traveler, The—V9 N4

Headlight Reel, The—V6 N5

Helseyside Reel, The + 4 Variations—V10 N5

Highway to Holburn, The—V7 N4

Hog Trough Reel + 2 Variations—V6 N5

Hold the Woodpile Down—V16 N6

I’ve Got the Kitchen to Myself—V8 N2

Indian Killed a Woodcock—V11 N5

Irish Washerwoman—V1 N2

Jackson’s—V4 N4

Jaybird—V7 N3

Jeunes Maries Reel—V15 N1

Johnny Don't Get Drunk—V18 N4

Johnny the Blacksmith—V11 N5

June Apple—V1 N3

June Apple Variation—V1 N4

Key West Hornpipe—V6 N2

Kitchen Gal—V6 N5

La Piedrera—V16 N5

La Reel du Cultivateur—V4 N2

Lark in the Morning—D Jig—V5 N1

Lark in the Morning—Em Jig—V5 N1

Lark on the Strand—Em/D Jig—V5 N1

Leather Britches + 3 Variations—V3 N3

Leonard Finseth’s Waltz + Harmony—V17 N4

Little Sadie—Two Solos—V6 N4

Lucy Campbell—V18 N5

Madame Bonaparte + Variation—V4 N3

Marmaduke’s Hornpipe—V3 N6

Molly Bloom—V4 N6

New Copper Plate, The—V8 N2

Niagara Hornpipe—V17 N3

Niel Gow's Lamentation—V18 N3

Nine Miles out of Louisville—V15 N6

Off to California—V17 N3

Oklahoma Redbird—V7 N3

Old Copper Plate, The—V8 N2

Old Joe Clark—A Setting—V2 N3

Old Joe Clark—G Setting—V2 N3

Old Joe Clark, 1st Part + 7 Variations—V14 N5

Over the Waterfall + 2 Variations and Harmony—V3 N4

Paddy on the Turnpike—V7 N4

Pedagog Reel, The—V7 N2

Pop Goes the Weasel—V1 N2

Pot o’ Gold Jig,The—V8 N3

President Garfield’s Hornpipe—V3 N2

President Grant’s Hornpipe—V3 N2

Rabbit in a Patch—V18 N1

Ragtime Annie + Variation—V5 N5

Red Apple Rag—V7 N1

Red River Valley—5 Solos—V11 N6

Red-Haired Boy—V1 N3

Red-Haired Boy Variation—V1 N4

Redbird—V7 N1

Reddigan’s—V15 N1

Red Lion/Line Hornpipe, The—V7 N1

Redwing—V6 N1

Reefer’s Hornpipe—V4 N2

Reuben + 5 Variations—V10 N1

Rolling Your Own—V9 N6

Rose Tree, The—V17 N2

Route, The—V7 N4

Rye Straw—V4 N6

Sailor’s Hornpipe in 5 Keys—V15 N4

Sally Goodin + 3 Variations—V2 N4

Sally Johnson + Harmony—V5 N2

Salt Creek—V1 N3

Salt Creek—V16 N3

Salt Creek + Fauxpicked Version—V20 N2

Salt Creek Variation—V1 N4

Salty River Reel—V16 N3

Sandy River Belle—V16 N3

Sandy Road—V16 N3

Say Old Man—V18 N5

Scotland the Brave—V17 N2

Sergeant Early’s Dream—V2 N2

Sheep and Hogs Walking through the Pasture—V18 N1

Shelbourne Reel, The—V2 N2

Silver Spear—V3 N5

Smash the Windows—V12 N6

Soldier's Joy + Fauxpicked Version—V20 N1

Soldier’s Joy + 2 Variations—V10 N6

Soldier’s Joy + 2 Variations—V1 N1

Soldier’s Joy Backup, 1st Part—V8 N2

Soldier’s Joy Backup, 2nd Part—V8 N2

Soppin' the Gravy—V18 N2

Sorenson’s Rhinelander—V15 N1

St Anne’s Reel + 2 Variations—V8 N4

St Anne’s Reel, 1st Part + 9 Variations—V13 N5

St Anne’s Reel, 2nd Part + 9 Variations—V13 N6

Star of Munster—V19 N4

Star-Spangled Jig, The—V8 N3

Sweet Georgia Brown + Variation—V14 N6

Teetotaler + 2 Variations—V11 N2

Too Young to Marry + Variation—V12 N5

Turkey in the Cottonwoods—V18 N1

Turkey in the Straw + Variation—V5 N6

Under the Double Eagle—V17 N1

Whing-Ding—V2 N5

Whiskey before Breakfast—V1 N3

Whiskey before Breakfast—Variation—V1 N4

Wildwood Flower—V20 N3

Wildwood Flower—Modified Carter—V20 N3

Wildwood Flower—Crosspicked--V20 N3

Wildwood Flower—Flatpicky--V20 N3

Winnipeg Reel—V17 N3

Topic Index:


A Tune by Any Other Name. . .—V1 N6

About ATOM Tunes—V10 N2

About Them Pesky Parts. . .—V3 N3

Alternate Titles: Column—V8 N5

Anatomy of a Fiddle Tune—V1 N5

Cole’s, about—V3 N2

Contra Dances—V16 N2

Eight Alternate Title Types—V8 N5

Fiddle Tune Forms: Column—V1 N5

Fiddle Tune Form and Etiquette—V1 N3

Fiddle Tune Structure: Column—V16 N1

Fiddle-izing a Tune—V5 N6

Fifteen Most-Played Flatpick Tunes: Column—V9 N1

Fun with Statistics!—V9 N3

Guitar Music vs Fiddle Music—V9 N4

Irish Music 101—V4 N3

Irish Ornamentation—V3 N5

Malleability of Parts—V19 N6

Modulations—V4 N5

Modulations—V6 N2

Of Third Parts and Judgment Calls—V4 N4

O'Neill's, about—V4 N3

Our Local Picking List: Column—V9 N3

Phat Stats and Fab Facts: Column—V15 N3

The Plectrum Press: Debate over Tune Origins Rages—V1 N3

Structure of a Fiddle Tune: Column—V13 N4

When Is a Hornpipe Not a Hornpipe?—V4 N3


A Diatribe: “Left Handed” Guitars—V18 N4

A.P. Carter, Composer? And Many Other Thoughts--V19 N3

A Few of My War Stories—V15 N2

About Reno and Smiley—V11 N4

About Bluegrass Fiddling—V11 N5

An Index of the First Hundred FGM Magazines: Column—V17 N5

Doc Watson and the Story of Hold the Woodpile Down—V16 N6

Dudley Murphy—V12 N4

History of Red River Valley—V11 N6

History of The 8th of January—V9 N5

History of The 8th of January Revisited—V20 N5

In Defense of Easytab—V15 N6

Jaybird Story—V7 N3

Music Camps: Column—V11 N1

My Most Amazing Bluegrass Day Ever—V11 N5

My Three Encounters with Kenny Baker—V11 N5

My Time in Nashville: 1971—V7 N6

On the Road-Again?!: Column--V14 N4

Our Trip to Scotland—V17 N2

Remembering Bill Hinkley—V18 N3

Remembering Dick Nunneley: Column—V18 N2

Remembering Fred: Column—V11 N3

Remembering Leonard Finseth: Column—V17 N4

Reno Redux—V12 N1

Reuben's Story: Column—V10-N1

Royce Campbell: Column—V9 N4

Royce Campbell Revisited: Column—V9 N6

Sally Johnson Story—V5 N2

Some Thoughts on Flatpicking's Past and Future—V17 N6

Talking with Others about Flatpicking—V5 N6

Ten Great Entrepreneurial Ideas for Dan Miller—V20 N6

The Adam Granger Interview #1: Column—V6 N6

The Adam Granger Interview #2: Column—V16 N4

The Mystery of Durang's Hornpipe: Column—V19 N1

The Old Philosopher's Corner—V15 N6

Beet Pie Story—V16 N5

Tough Duty: The 2013 Prairie Home Companion Mediterranean Cruise—V18 N1

Trendy Phrases—V7 N2

Twelve Common (and Not-So-Common) Malapropisms—V10 N3


Canadian Backup—V4 N2

Chord Malleability—V7 N3

Chord Progressions. . .—V3 N5

Chord Progressions. . .—V13 N4

Chords. . .—V2 N3

Granger's 10 Rules for Blind Fiddle Tune Accompaniment—V13 N4

Irish Backup—V8 N2

Jigs, Backing up—V5 N4

Marches—V17 N1

Making Mistakes While Playing Rhythm—V18 N6

My Rhythm—V13 N1

Playing Good Backup: Column—V14 N3

Polka Rhythm—V6 N1

Rhythm Guitar: Column—V8 N1

Soldier's Joy with 2-Note “Chords”—V8 N1

Strathspeys—V18 N3

Texas Backup—V4 N1

Texas Backup: Column—V8 N6

Twelve-Bar Progressions: Column—V12 N3

Wait. . .What Do Those Roman Numerals Mean?—V12 N3


1-3-5 Fingering in Cotton Patch Rag—V18 N2

3-5-7 Fingering—V4 N4

3-5-7 Fingering—V8 N2

3-5-7 Fingering—V17 N3

3-5-7 Fingering—V19 N5

3-5-7 Fingering—V20 N4

3-5-7: So, Like, What’s with This 3-5-7 Business?—V16 N3

A Brief Comment on Construfrenops—V3 N6

A Pep Talk about the Little Finger—V1 N6

Barring vs Discrete Fingering—V4 N6

Bluegrass Boilerplate—V11 N4

CAGED System: Part One: Column—V13 N2

CAGED System: Part Two: Column—V13 N3

CAGED: Using to Improvise—V13 N3

CAGED: Using to Play a Harmony—V13 N3

CAGED: Using to Play a Variation—V13 N3

Capo: A Personal History—V16 N2

Capo Indolence—V9 N1

Capo, More about—V3 N2

Capo: To Capo. . .or Not to Capo—V2 N3

Capo, Using Several at Once—V16 N2

Chromatic Scale—V2 N1

Crosspicking in Beaumont Rag—V1 N6

Crosspicking: The Column- Part One: Column—V12 N1

Crosspicking: The Column- Part Two: Column—V12 N2

Crosspicking a Solo—V12 N2

Crosspicking As Underscore-v12 N2-

Crosspicking: Faux Crosspicking Example—V9 N2

Crosspicking: Resolved Crosspicking—V12 N1

Crosspicking: Resolved Reverse Crosspicking—V12 N1

Crosspicking: The Right Hand Choices—V12 N1

Crosspicking: Unresolved Crosspicking—V12 N1

Crosspicking: Unresolved Reverse Crosspicking—V12 N1

Crosspicking, Using—V12 N2

C-Shaped G-Scale in a Box—V11 N2

Elements of Improvisation: Column—V14 N1

Exercises, Technique and Form: Column—V2 N1

Fauxpicking—Part One: Column—V20 N1

Fauxpicking—Part Two: Column—V20 N2

Figuring out Pick Direction—V6 N4

Fingering Tricky Passages—V3 N6

First Position Scales: Column—V3 N1

Floating—V2 N2

Floating—V11 N2

Folded Scales: ColumnV6 N3

Four Finger Exercise—V2 N1

Four-Fret Fingering and Playing up the Neck—V18 N2

Granger’s Fifth Law of Music—V2 N6

Granger's Sixth Law of Music—V3 N4

Granger's Laws of Fingering—V2 N3

Improvisation—V6 N3

Jigs, Another Word about—V5 N1

Jigs, Backing up—V5 N4

Jigs: Double Jigs—V1 N2

Jig Column #1—A Little Chat about Jigs—V1 N2

Jig Column #2—The Lark of the Irish—V5 N1

Jig Column #3—A Bit 'o' the Blarney—V5 N4

Jig Column #4—Northern Jigs and Nashville Digs—V7 N6

Jig Column #5—Jiggification—V8 N3

Jig Column #6—What? Jigs Again?!--V12 N6

Jig Mini-Review—V20 N4

Jig Primer—V19 N2

Jig Redux—V5 N4

Jigs: Single Jigs—V1 N2

Jigs: Slip-Jigs—V1 N2

Jigs: The Right Hand: How to Pick Jigs—V1 N2

Jigs, Why They Will Never Become Flatpick Standards—V19 N2

Mistakes: What to Do When—Not If—You Make Them: Column—V18 N6

Picking Triplets—V19 N5

Picking Triplets—V19 N6

Picking Triplets—V20 N5

Third-Interval Double-Stops in G—V9 N4

Three-Finger Exercise—V2 N1

Tips for Playing in Open (Uncapoed) D—V1 N1


0-2-4 in the Basement: Picking in the Bass Strings: Column—V12 N5

And Finally, Don’t Think too Much, It’s All Right—V1 N4

Blackberry Blossom Variation: Column—V9 N2

Contests: Column—V15 N5

Flatpick Jams: Column—V14 N2

Impreciseness of Harmonies—V17 N4

Improvisation: Column—V14 N1

Improvisation, Elements of—V14 N1

Irish Ornamentation—V18 N5

Jamming: Column—V10 N4

My Solo on Gospel Ship—V19 N3

Over the Waterfall Variations: Column—V3 N4

Performing: Column—V15 N2

Playing a Tune in Different Keys: Column—V15 N4

Reuben Variations: Column—V10 N1

Soldier's Joy Variation: Column—V10 N6

St Anne's Reel, First Part, and Nine Variations: Column—V13 N5

St Anne's Reel, Second Part, and Nine Variations: Column—V13 N6

String Swing for Starters: Column—V14 N6

Teetotaler Variations: Column—V11 N2

When Is a Variation Not a Variation?—V1 N4

Variations—V1 N1

Variations: Column—V7 N5

Variations on Variations: Column—V14 N5

Variations, a Few Words of Clarification about—V1 N4

Variation, Elements of—V1 N4

Variations, More about—V2 N4

Variations, The Fine Print—V12 N5

Wildwood Flowers: Column—V20 N3

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