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The Big Book of Celtic Tunes
The Big Book of Celtic Tunes

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The Big Book of Celtic Tunes

This book is one in a series that provides every article that was published in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine about a particular topic or genre. Here, in this book, we have included the best Celtic Tunes.

The terms “Celtic”and “Celtic Music” come to have various meanings to people. For our purpose the term “Celtic Music” will cover traditional music that has its roots in either England, Ireland, Scotland, or the British Isles. Since many of the bluegrass songs and fiddle tunes that we flatpickers love to play can be traced back to Irish, Scottish, or English roots, we thought it would be interesting to provide an archival compilation that focused on music from these countries and traditions.

The majority of our regular columnists, and some of our feature artists, provided tunes from the Celtic traditions during the years that we published the magazine, and in Volume 8, Number 3 we provided a special Celtic Music issue. Several of our columnists played in bands that prominently featured Celtic Music (specifically, John McGann, Craig Vance, and Kathy Barwick) and often contributed tunes from that tradition. Even if you don’t specifically play Celtic music, you are going to run across many of these tunes in a bluegrass jam. Also, a study of the techniques that are prevalent in the Celtic music traditions will certainly help you advance your skill as a flatpicker.

In addition to presenting 86 tunes arrangements, this book also presents a short article on Irish rhythm guitar, by John McGann, and feature articles based on interviews with Arty McGlynn, Tony McManus, John Doyle, and Chris Newman.

This book presents 185 pages of information and includes 122 audio tracks on one mp3 CD data disc.

Song List (in alphabetical order - the columnist or feature artist who arranged the tune for the magazine is listed beside the name of the tune):

A Bit of Ginger by John McGann

The Ash Grove (Sent Forth By God’s Blessing) by Harold Streeter

Bachelor Jig by Adam Granger

Bear Island Reel by John McGann

Belfast Hornpipe by John McGann

Bessie Brown by Adam Granger

The Blarney Pilgrim by Adam Granger

Bonnie Dundee by Adam Granger

Burning the Piper’s Hut by Bill Bay

The Butterfly by Joe Carr

Calliope House by Kathy Barwick

Carmondy’s Jig by Adam Granger

Coleraine by Adam Granger

Constitution Hornpipe by Adam Granger

Creeping Docken by Arty McGlynn

Crested Hens by John Doyle

The Dark Island by John McGann

Doheny’s Favorite by Adam Granger

Doherty’s Reel by Adam Granger

Dowd’s Reel by Adam Granger

Drowsie Maggie by John McGann

Drowsy Maggie by Jeff Troxel

Durang’s Hornpipe by Adam Granger

Eddie Kelly’s by Adam Granger

Elfin Jig by Adam Granger

Elk’s Festival Hornpipe by Steve Kaufman

Ellen O’Grady by Adam Granger

Far From Home by John Carnie

Farewell To Whiskey by Mike Maddux

Farrell O’Gara by John McGann

Flee As A Bird by Beppe Gambetta

Flowers of Edinburgh by Orrin Star

Flowers of Edinburgh by Jeff Troxel

Flowers of Edinburgh by Adam Granger

The Flowers of Sweet Erin, the Green by Bill Bay

Fred Finn’s Reel by Beppe Gambetta

Green Fields of America by Craig Vance

Green Fields of America by Kathy Barwick

Greensleeves Jig by Adam Granger

Griffin Hornpipe by Adam Granger

The Helseyside Reel by Adam Granger

The Irish Washerwoman by Adam Granger

The Irish Washerwoman by Joe Carr

The Irish Washerwoman by Orrin Star

Jackson’s by Adam Granger

Jenny’s Chickens I by John McGann

Jenny’s Chickens II by John McGann

The Kid On The Mountain by John McGann

King of the Pipers by Tony McManus

Lark In The Morning by Adam Granger

Lark In The Morning by Adam Granger

Lark On The Strand by Adam Granger

Loch Leven Castle by Craig Vance

The Maids of Castlebar by John McGann

The Man From Newry by John McGann

Martin Ainsboro’s Reel by John McGann

The Mathematician by Chris Newman

McGibbney’s Fancy by Adam Granger

Men of Ulster by John McGann

Merrily Kissed the Quaker by Orrin Star

Parson’s Farewell by Bill Bay

Peter Byrne’s Fancy by Arty McGlynn

Planxty Irwin (Praise and Trust) by Harold Streeter

Pop Goes The Weasel by Adam Granger

The Pot O’ Gold Jig by Adam Granger

Rakish Paddy by Robin Bullock

Return From Fingal by Orrin Star

The Rose In The Heather by Steve Kaufman

The Roseville by Joe Carr

The Rose Tree by Adam Granger

Sailor On The Rock by John McGann

Scotland the Brave (Alba an Aigh) by Adam Granger

Sheebeg and Sheemore by Jeff Troxel

Sligo Lament by John McGann

Smash the Windows by Adam Granger

The Spey and the Spate by Beppe Gambetta

Star of Munster by Adam Granger

Star of Munster by Craig Vance

Star of The County Down by Orrin Star

Star of the County Down by Steve Kaufman

The Star Spangled Jig by Adam Granger

Stenson’s #2 by Orrin Star

Tailor’s Twist by John McGann

Tamlin by Orrin Star

Wise Old Maid I by Kathy Barwick

Wise Old Maid II by Kathy Barwick

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