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Flatpick Rhythm Guitar - Book plus Audio CDs
Flatpick Rhythm Guitar - Book plus Audio CDs

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Flatpick Rhythm Guitar: A Collection of Joe Carr's Articles from Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

228-page book with 2 Audio CDs

For nearly 19 years Joe Carr wrote a column for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine on the topic of rhythm guitar. Each of Joe’s articles not only addressed a very interesting and important rhythm guitar topic, he also provided wonderful historical context in his text, tabs and recordings. He brought our readers many wonderful examples of bluegrass, folk, blues, jazz, swing, Irish, and Western swing rhythm styles.
Over the years Joe’s column featured transcriptions of great early rhythm players such as Riley Puckett, Red Smiley, Jimmy Martin, Jimmie Rodgers, Edd Mayfield, Hank Snow, Doc Watson, Rodney Dillard, John Herald, Josh White, Charlie Monroe, Homer Haynes, Eldin Shamblin, Tommy Allsup, Charlie Waller, Arther Smith, and Lonnie Johnson. His column also covered the styles of more contemporary players like Clarence White, Tony Rice, Charles Sawtelle, Peter Rowan, Roland White, Del McCoury, Wyatt Rice, David Grier, and John Doyle. Additionally, his column covered many technical rhythm guitar topics such as extended chords, chord substitutions, and alternate chord progressions. Joe’s rhythm guitar knowledge was extensive and he graciously and generously shared it though his column in this magazine.
In this book Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller has collected all of Joe's informative articles (over 100 in all) in one place. The comes with 2 audio CDs.


Introduction by Dan Miller
About Joe Carr, written by Dan Miller
Edd Mayfield: King of Bass Runs
Two Early Giants: Riley Puckett and Jimmie Rodgers
Essential Technique: The Rest Stoke & Jimmy Martin
Tony Rice - Mondern Rhythm Master
David Grier - The Flatpicker’s Flatpicker
Del McCoury: A True Blueblood of Bluegrass
Twenty-five Rest Stroke Licks
The Fascinating Rhythm Style of Charles Sawtelle
Red Smiley - Gone But Not Forgotten
Swing Style Rhythm
Clarence White Style Rhythm
“Off Chords” or Barred Chords, Them Danged Ol’ Hard Chords
Sixth Chords
5/4 Time
Hank Snow
Wyatt Rice and Crosspicking Rhythm
Doc Watson Rhythm
Bajo Sexto - Tex-Mex Sounds for Standard Guitar
Ragtime Annie (Fiddle Backup)
Rodney Dillard - Rhythm Master
John Herald Rhythm Style
Josh White and Simulating Fingerpicking with a Flatpick
G Lick Displacement
Peter Rowan: Northern Bluegrass Boy
Charlie Monroe: The First Bluegrass Boy
Homer Haynes: Rhythm Guitar Star - No Joke!
Quickly: Back to Basics
Reasons Why Less is Sometimes More
“Dropped D” Rhythm
New Chords for an Old Standard
“Fall Foliage”
“Tea for Two” Django Reinhardt Guitar Solo
Django Reinhardt Revisited: “Nuages” (Clouds)
Wayne Stewart and Poor Richard’s Almanac
Your Friend the Key of A
Back to Basics
If The Key of E is The People’s Key....
Rose of Avonmore
Playing Rhythm on Flatpicking Standards: “Beaumont Rag”
Playing Rhythm on Flatpicking Standards: “Billy In The Lowground”
Playing Rhythm on Flatpicking Standards: “Wildwood Flower”
Playing Rhythm on Flatpicking Standards: “Gold Rush”
Playing Rhythm: “Little Rock Getaway”
Playing Rhythm: John Doyle “Crested Hens”
ABC Notation
Ahead of the Beat? Behind the Beat?
Charlie Waller
Western Swing Rhythm: San Antonio Rose
San Antonio Rose Chorus
Key Changes in Western Swing
Three and Four Note Chords
Faded Love
Tommy Allsup & “Heart to Heart Talk”
Eldon Shamblin Style Chord Melody
Eldon Shamblin Style: “The Keeper of My Heart”
Eldon Shamblin Style: “Miss Molly”
Eldon Shamblin Style: “Maiden’s Prayer”
Guitar Boogie - Arthur Smith
Eldon Shamblin Style: “Deep Water”
Rhythm in the Keys of D and E
Edd Mayfield: Bluegrass Lead Guitar Pioneer
Rhythm Guitar: One to Flat Seven
“House of the Rising Sun”
Texas Swing Style Rhythm: “Billy In The Lowground”
Texas Swing Style Rhythm: “Soppin’ Up The Gravy”
What A Sailor Taught Me: “Honky Tonk”
“The Roseville”
“Old Ebenezer Scrooge”
Slip Jigs! “The Butterfly”
A’ Soalin’
“Cabin On The Hill”
The Words Came Out All Wrong
Eldon Shamblin Style: “Faded Love” The 6/9 Chord
Texas Swing Style Rhythm: “Sally Goodin’”
Eldon Shamblin Style: “Maiden’s Prayer
“My Old Kentucky and You”
Muting Strings
Six White Horses
Jazzgrass Waltz
“Restaurant Swing”
“Otter Nonsense” Rhythm
Carter’s Blues
Flatt 5
Peter Rowan and Roland White Rhythm on “The Walls of Time”
“Blue Ridge Cabin Home” Rhythm
Homer Haynes Rhythm on “I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now?”
The 6th Chord
The 7th Chord
Minor Chords
“Way Downtown” Fill Licks
Two Forms of Half-diminished Chords
“Blue Monk”
“False Hearted Lover”
Don Reno’s “Lonesome Wind Blues”
“Munde’s Child”
The Roots of Flatpicking: Lonnie Johnson
Chords and Keys
Richie Havens
Stuff in G
Definitions of “Vamp”
I Was Clarence White for 45 Minutes!
Working With Physical Limitations

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