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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks to Grant Gordy, the current guitar player for the David Grisman Quintet. Grant was featured in two previous issues of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. He first appeared in the July/August 2008 issue and then he appeared on our cover in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue. Since that time he has moved from Colorado to New York and is involved in a number of musical projects. Dan talked with Grant at the Grand Targhee Music Camp about his current projects and Grant played an improvised tune for our listeners to enjoy.
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In this podcast Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller talks with Italian flatpicking Maestro Beppe Gambetta. Originally from Genoa, Italy, Beppe now owns a second home in New Jersey and spends at least half of the year in the United States. In celebration of his new American home, Beppe has just released a new CD titled "The American Album." In this podcast, Dan talks with Beppe about his new CD and then play you a cut from the album.

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In this podcast we are going to try something a little different. As you may know, in all of our previous podcasts, we've interviewed flatpicking guitar players and then provided one tune from our interview subject. We're not going to be interviewing anyone this time, we are just going to play you a bunch of music that has come into our office recently so that you sit back and enjoy some fine flatpicking music. All of the artists who I'll be featuring in this podcasts have been highlighted in flatpicking guitar magazine over the years. If you hear someone that you like in particular, please check out the issue in which they were featured at www.flatpickingmerantile.com

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In this edition of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine podcast Dan Miller talks
with Ron Block, most famously known as a member of Alison Krauss and Union Station. In addition to his work with Union Station, Ron has produced two solo CDs and is getting ready to release a third sometime this year. He has also recently released an instructional project for guitar, which is a 3-hour two DVD set (available at www.flatpickingmercantile.com). In this interview Ron and Dan talk about some of Ron's ideas relating to practice and getting a full and rich sound when soloing, and you will also get to hear some instrumental music from Ron's CD "Doorway."
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In this podcast Dan Miller talks with the 1995 National Flatpicking Guitar Champion, Mark Cosgrove. They talk about Mark's current job with the David Bromberg quartet and how he approaches his improvised solos on stage with that band. They also talk about Mark's latest FGM Records CD "Unencumbered," and his work on the road with the Depue Brothers. Plus, you'll get to hear a cut off of Mark's "Unencumbered" CD - the great old fiddle tune "Rickett's Hornpipe."

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