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On this week's podcast Dan Miller interviews Flatpicking Guitar
Magazine columnist Adam Granger and talks with him about his CD projects.
On this week's podcast Dan Miller interviews Flatpicking Guitar
Magazine columnist Dix Bruce and talks with him about his new book
and CD set titled "Gypsy Swing and Hot Club Rhythm."  Also included
is a selection from the book which includes the lead for "Sheik of
Araby" followed by a long rhythm accompaniment track.

Visit Dix Bruce's website.

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This week Dan Miller interviews Jack and Molly Tuttle about their CD
"The Old Apple Tree", which was released in April of 2007. 

After listening to the interview, if you are interested in purchasing the
CD, please visit: http://www.jacktuttle.com/


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On this weeks show we have an interview with Dan Miller and Jim Hurst. Jim has a new album coming out soon so keep an eye out for it.  And we'll let you know about it as soon as we can.

Jim's website

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This week Dan Miller makes a stop in Nashville to see Andy Falco and Tony Watt they talk a little about their new projects and have a special music session.

Visit Andy's Myspace

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This weeks Podcast Features an interview with Dan Miller with Pat Flynn. Pat talks about his new CD "reVision" and the CD projects he is currently working on.

Pick Up Pat's New CD "reVision" at:

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This weeks podcast features an interview from Dan Miller with Jim Nunally. Jim has just finished a album he tributed to his mother. It has a great list lof artist on the album and a great story too.

Get Jim Nunally's Album Gloria's Waltz at:

Flatpicking Mercantile

and CD Baby
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Welcome to Podcast Number 10. This Podcast features Wil Maring and Robert Bowlin two great artist that have been working hard and touring the states. As we mentioned Robert Bowlin's CD is available AT http://www.shadymix.com/robertcd.html

You can also see Wil's websites at: 


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This week we feature Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller and his interview with Flatpicking Guitarist Orrin Star. They'll be talking about whats new with Orrin. Check out Orrin's website at www.orrinstar.com you can also check out Orrin's DVD's Flatpicking Primer and Rhythm Guitar Workshop Also check out Orrin on YouTube
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Welcome to the show this is Podcast number 8. This week we feature
Dan Miller and his interview with flatpicking guitarist Tim May. Tim and Dan talk a little about Tim's new projects and some about his instrument collections. We also play a tune from Tim's current album "Find My Way Back" You can pick up at Flatpicking Mercantile.com, iTunes, and CDbaby.
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This week we feature Mark Cosgrove and his new CD "Take Yer Medicine"

You can get a copy of Mark's New album at Flatpicking Mercantile, CD Baby.

Visit Marks Website at www.mcosgrove.com

Remember to stop by our YouTube Page and see our bulging amount of Guitar, and concert videos.
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