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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, Volume 16, Number 1 November / December 2011
Price: $5.00

The November/December 2011 issue of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine includes:
We have a 68-minute Audio CD to accompany this issue!

Our Back-to-Basics Issue!

This is a very special issue, one that has the intention and focus of getting you off to a good start if you are new to Flatpicking, or bringing you back to an emphasis on the basics of the art if you have been picking for a while. Each of our talented columnists have presented a topic that is fundamental to your development as a flatpicking guitar player. These are aspects of your craft that you will continue to practice from the time you are a beginner and throughout your flatpicking life, even if you become a seasoned professional. Additionally, we feature two talented muscians, Courtney Hartman, originally from Colorado, but now living in Boston, and Rosser Clark, originally from Alabama, but now living in Falls Church, Virginia. We hope that you will enjoy getting back to basics and "woodshedding" with this special issue.

Ten Thousand Hours in the Woodshed and A Study of "Home Sweet Home" by Dan Miller Flatpick Profile: Courtney Hartman & "Happy Holler" CD Highlight: Rosser Clark: "Black Mountain Rag" Essential Listening by Chris Thiessen The 40th Annual Walnut Valley Festival
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Back Issue "Legends of Flatpicking" Package
Price: $8.00

This Back Issue Package includes 6 of our "Legends of Flatpicking Guitar" issues. This includes all of our issues that feature Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Clarence White, Dan Crary, and Norman Blake on the cover.
You get:
Volume 1, Number 5: Norman Blake Issue
Volume 2, Number 1: Dan Crary Issue
Volume 2, Number 5: Clarence White Issue
Volume 2, Number 6: Doc Watson Issue
Volume 3, Number 1: Tony Rice Issue
Volume 16, Number 6: Doc Watson Tribute Issue
Acoustic Guitar Fundamentals DVD - Tim Stafford
Price: $19.95

In this 2-hour DVD from bluegrass guitar veteran Tim Stafford you will learn the fundamental skills that will make you a better guitar player no matter what your current ability level.

Tuning, Timing, Tone, Technique, and Taste are all essential skills that guitar players from beginners to professionals need to address on a regular basis. Tim's masterful presentation of these concepts and the practical, time tested methods he teaches you on this video will not only help you understand, improve and maintain these skills, but will advance your overall guitar skills considerably.
Creating Solos & Embellishing the Melody DVD - Tim May & Dan Miller
Price: $19.95

In this 102 minute (1 hour and 42 minutes) instructional DVD video Tim May and Dan Miller teach you how to find the chord progression and melody to any vocal song or instrumental tune by ear and then they show you how to embellish that melody in order to create your own interesting and tasteful guitar solo.
The 50 Greatest Guitar Books by Shawn Persinger
Price: $19.95

Providing the "What," "How," and "Why," master guitarist and teacher Shawn Persinger shows you how to get the most out of the best guitar books. You'll find insightful commentaries and more than 100 individually tailored guitar lessons - in all styles - that will provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced players with a lifetime of knowledge, insight, and inspiration.
Unlike any other guitar method, The 50 Greatest Guitar Books is part guitar instruction, part music appreciation, and part literary criticism. Persinger delivers as much practical musical content as he does analysis and educated insight.
Learning Music By Ear For All Stringed Instruments - Book and CD
Price: $19.95

Learning how to play your musical instrument by ear is a skill that is vital to your development as a musician. While reading music is also a valuable skill, in many forms of music—folk, old-time, bluegrass, rock, Celtic, blues, country, jazz—you are not typically going to have a music stand sitting in front of you at a jam session or stage performance. Also, in these genres of music, it is very likely that a given song that you want to learn will not be available to you in written form and so the only way you will be able to learn the song is if you know how to do it by ear.
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Back Issue Fundamentals Package
Price: $20.00

In the Flatpicking Fundamentals Value Package you will receive the following back issues, with audio CDs included:

Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes (Volume 13, Number 4)
Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes, Number 2 (Volume 15, Number 3)
The Back to Basics Issue (Volume 16, Number 1)
The Crosspicking Issue (Volume 16, Number 5)
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Back Issue Fiddle Tune Package
Price: $20.00

This Special Back Issue Package includes 4 of our special Fiddle Tune style issues. This includes our two Fiddle Tune Issues plus our Waltz Issue and our Old-Time Music Issue. Each of these issues are packed with two arrangements each of 20 different tunes. This complete package gives you two arrangements 80 great tunes!
You get:
Volume 13, Number 4: Fiddle Tune Issue 1
Volume 15, Number 3: Fiddle Tune Issue 2
Volume 17, Number 4: Waltz Issue
Volume 18, Number 4: Old-Time Tune Issue
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Back Issue Guitar Styles Package 1
Price: $20.00

This Special Back Issue Package includes 4 of our special Guitar Style issues. This includes our Gypsy Jazz Issue, our Western Swing Issue, our Blues Issue, and our Swing and Jazz Issue.
You get:
Volume 6, Number 3: Gypsy Jazz Issue
Volume 10, Number 2: Western Swing Issue
Volume 12, Number 3: Blues Issue
Volume 14, Number 6: Swing and Jazz Issue
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Back Issue Guitar Styles Package 2
Price: $20.00

This Back Issue Package includes 4 of our special Guitar Style issues. This includes our Celtic Guitar Issue, our Pioneers of Flatpicking Issue, our Folk Music Issue, and our Gospel Guitar Issue.
You get:
Volume 8, Number 3: Celtic Guitar Issue
Volume 11, Number 4: Pioneers of Flatpicking Issue
Volume 11, Number 6: Folk Music Issue
Volume 19, Number 3: Gospel Guitar Issue