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Creating Solos & Embellishing the Melody DVD - Tim May & Dan Miller
Price: $19.95

In this 102 minute (1 hour and 42 minutes) instructional DVD video Tim May and Dan Miller teach you how to find the chord progression and melody to any vocal song or instrumental tune by ear and then they show you how to embellish that melody in order to create your own interesting and tasteful guitar solo.
An Approach to Improvisation DVD - Tim May & Dan Miller
Price: $19.95

In this instructional DVD Tim May and Dan Miller, authors of the popular eight-volume "Flatpicking Essentials" course, teach you an approach to improvising guitar solos. You will first learn what scale notes will best fit over diatonic (of the key) chord progressions, and how to employ those scale tones using techniques such as scale runs, folded scales, harmonized scales, and crosspicking. Next you will learn how to target chord tones in your solo as the tune changes from one chord to another, thus moving with the structure of the tune and getting closer to the melody. Then you will learn how to use techniques like phrasing, note articulation, and dynamics to make your improvised solos better fit the song while sounding interesting and engaging, while remaining tasteful.
Flatpicking Essentials - Volume 5: Improvisation & Style Studies Book / Audio CDs by Dan Miller and Tim May
Price: $29.95

Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 5: Improvisation and Style Studies
152 page book, 2 Audio CDs (over 120 minutes of audio)
Improvisation is one of those things that flatpickers always ask about at workshops and seminars. It is one of those mysterious and elusive concepts that is hard for many people to grasp. In this Volume of the Flatpicking Essentials series authors Dan Miller and Tim May take away the mystery by presenting a step-by-step gradual learning method that will have you improvising immediately and then build your skill slowly and steadily. By the end of this book you will have the confidence and the skill to step out and start improvising at your next jam session.
Flatpicking Essentials Volume 6: Improvisation (Part II) & Advanced Technique Book / 2 CDs by Dan Miller and Tim May
Price: $29.95

Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 6, Improvisation (Part 2) and Advanced Technique
by Dan Miller and Tim May, provides you with 152 pages (and 2 audio CDs) worth of valuable information that is designed to help you take your flatpicking to the next level.
Improvisation, Part II
Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 6 is divided into two main sections. The first section is Part II of our study of improvisation. Volume 5 introduced readers to a step-by-step free-form improv study method that we continue here in Volume 6. The improvisation section of Volume 5 introduced improvisation over various I, IV, V chord progressions using chord tones and scale notes. Volume 6 continues with the same course of study; however, chord progressions get more complicated.
An added feature of this Volume of the course is the inclusion of an appendix that will serve as an easy reference for all of the chord progressions that you were given in Volumes 5 and 6. We are also providing slow, medium, and fast back up tracks for all of these progressions.
Flatpicking Essentials Volume 8: Improvisation (Part III) & Intro to Swing and Jazz Book / 2 CDs by Dan Miller and Tim May
Price: $29.95

Improvisation Part 3 & Intro to Swing and Jazz
The eighth and final book in the Flatpicking Essentials series teaches you how to begin to play swing and jazz tunes in the context of a flatpick jam, including how to learn to improvise over swing and jazz chord changes. After presenting how to study and utilize scales and arpeggios in the context of using them as "road maps" for improvisation, and providing examples of how to build from a simple song melody to a jazz style arrangement, this book presents three variations of ten standard swing and jazz tunes. You will learn the basic melody, plus two arrangements of each tune by Tim May. The tunes presented include: Avalon, Bill Bailey, 12th Street Rag, The Sheik of Araby, Rose Room, After You've Gone, St. James Infirmary, St. Louis Blues, Limehouse Blues, and I Ain't Got Nobody.
Improvisation Discount Bundle
Price: $34.95

Save $15 when you buy these two products as a bundle!

In this discount bundle you will receive Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 5: Improvisation and Style Studies, plus the 90-minute Guitar Player's Guide to Improvisation DVD by Tim May and Dan Miller

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