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DocFest - A Tribute to Doc Watson CD Download
Price: $7.00

On this CD Flatpicking Guitar Magazine pays tribute to Doc Watson, Merle Watson & Jack Lawrence with the release of a new musical tribute CD:
This CD includes eighteen tunes by many of todayʼs top flatpickers. Each of the artist on this project were inspired to
learn the song that they perform after first hearing the song performed by Doc Watson with one of his musical partners
Merle Watson or Jack Lawrence. The CD includes Fourteen Vocals Songs and Four Instrumental Tunes as follows:
Flatpicking Favorites: Hot & Spicy CD Download
Price: $7.00

When Dan Miller (of FGM Records and Flatpicking Guitar Magazine) responds to reader and customer requests, he does it in a big way! On its face, this CD features 16 guitar duets of flatpicking "standards" -- but these tunes are now anything but standard. Dan gathered as many flatpicking luminaries as he could and asked them to play "hot and fast." And the pickers responded. Tired of playing these tunes the same old way, they added a spicy twist to each duet, adding new approaches, new licks, and new phrasings.
Flatpicking Bluegrass CD Download
Price: $7.00

Flatpicking Bluegrass is a CD combines hard-core traditional bluegrass songs with the best singers and guitar players in the business! An awesome combination! Flatpicking Bluegrass highlights lead guitar work on standard bluegrass vocal tunes. Each song on the CD features a full bluegrass band. While the band remains the same for each tune, the guitar player/lead singer changes. The guitar players/lead singers who are featured on this CD include some of the finest in bluegrass: Josh Williams, Tim Stafford, Kenny Smith, John Chapman, Brad Davis, Tim May, Richard Bennett, Jim Hurst, Chris Jones, Jeff White, Stephen Mougin, and Jim Nunally.
New Standards for Flatpicking Guitar - CD
Price: $12.00

In September of 1999 Flatpicking Guitar Magazine began producing an instructional audio CD to accompany each issue. In preparation for the first audio CD we recorded Kenny Smith and Curtis Jones playing a duet on the tune "Angeline the Baker" for the September/October 1999 issue. After listening to Kenny and Curtis play this tune together we realized the incredible beauty and power the sound of two acoustic guitars played in duo contained and the idea for New Standards was born.
Doves, Crows & Buzzards CD - Davis Miller May
Price: $12.00

Davis Miller May is a high energy acoustic band featuring Brad Davis on acoustic guitar and mandolin, Dan Miller on bass, and Tim May on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and Dobro. Their music features vocals tunes and instrumental numbers from a variety of musical genres, including bluegrass, folk, country, blues, and swing. The strength of this band is found in their virtuosity on their instruments and their strong songwriting abilities. As soloists Brad Davis and Tim May are two of the finest performers on the acoustic music scene today. Since their first show together in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2005 the trio has performed at various venues and music festivals all over the United States.
Dan Miller CD - Going Through A Phase
Price: $12.00

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine editor Dan Miller's solo CD "Going Through A Phase" features 9 vocal and 3 instrumental tunes. Eleven of the twelve tunes are original.
The CD features:
Dan Miller: lead vocal and lead guitar.
Brad Davis: bass, rhythm guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, 6-string banjo and harmony vocals
Tim May: 5-string banjo and Dobro
Robert Bowlin: fiddle
Jane Accurso - Untanglin' My Heart CD
Price: $12.00

FGM Records has released this wonderful CD by singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jane Accurso of Columbia, Missouri. Accurso is best known for her work with the Ironweed Bluegrass Band and the Swampweed Cajun Band. On this, her first solo CD, she sings, plays lead and rhythm guitar, and lead mandolin and is accompanied by Brad Davis on mandolin, bass and harmony vocals; Tim May on guitar, banjo, and Dobro; Dan Miller on lead guitar and harmony vocal, and Gretchen Priest-May on fiddle.
Flatpick Swing CD - Tim May and Robert Bowlin
Price: $12.00

Flatpick Swing is a phenomenal flatpicking guitar recording by
two of the most talented flatpick style acoustic guitar players in the
world - Robert Bowlin and Tim May.  On this recording Tim and Robert
play standard swing jazz tunes on flat top acoustic steel string
guitars.  They are accompanied on acoustic upright bass by Glenn Meyers.
 Tim May also adds his vocal talent to one tune ("Sheik of Araby") and
Wil Maring sings on two of the songs ("Back In Your Own Back Yard" and
"I'll See You In My Dreams").
Kathy Barwick and Pete Siegfried - Long Time Gone CD
Price: $12.00

From the stage of the Strawberry Music Festival in California to pubs and concert halls throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland, the acoustic duo of Kathy Barwick & Pete Siegfried has delighted and enchanted audiences with a distinctive blend of bluegrass, old-time country, traditional Irish and folk into an engaging Americana fusion showcasing Pete’s exceptional lead vocals, Kathy’s amazing guitar work and sterling duet harmonies.
Six String Soliloquy CD - Robert Bowlin
Price: $14.00

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine reviewed a pre-release copy of this CD in Volume 11, Number 4. Since then Robert has gone back in the studio to re-record and add to the project. This CD is an example of solo flatpicking at its finest by a masterful and tasteful flatpicker. When the pre-release version came out last summer there was some buzz on the internet listserv group Flatpick-L. Here is what list member Dan Mozell had to say: "There are lots of guitarists these days who have great technique and can generate excitement with hot picking. Robert can certainly do the same. But there are few who work with the full range of emotion that is possible in music. These are medium and slow paced solos intended to move the listener. This is really one of the finest guitar recordings I've heard in years."