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Flatpicking Guitar Magazine: Best Of 10 Years CD-ROM - Rhythm Guitar Articles
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine: Best Of 10 Years CD-ROM - Rhythm Guitar Articles

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Welcome to the CD-based version of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine the "Best of the First Ten Years." This CD is the second in the series and contains all rhythm guitar articles and interviews that Flatpicking Guitar published from November/December 1996 (Volume 1, Number1) through September/October 2006 (Volume 10, Number 6). All pages from each article are presented in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File (.PDF) format.

This disc includes over 90 rhythm guitar articles and 29 interviews with rhythm guitar players.

The following rhythm articles are included on this CD-Rom:

Bluegrass & Fiddle Tune Rhythm:
Edd Mayfield (Close By & Panhandle Country)
Riley Puckett (Molly Put the Kettle On)
Jimmy Rodgers (Muleskinner Blues)
Jimmy Martin 1 (Sweet Dixie & I'm Coming Back)
Jimmy Martin 2
Tony Rice (Nobody Loves Me)
David Grier 1 (Oklahoma Flats)
David Grier 2 (Ragtime Annie)
Del McCoury (Roll on Buddy, Willie Roy, & Bluest Man)
Charles Sawtelle (My Little Darling & Tennessee Wagoner)
Red Smiley (I'm Using My Bible & I Know You're Married)
Clarence White (Hawaii Sunset)
Hank Snow (Golden Rocket)
Wyatt Rice (Billy in the Lowground)
Doc Watson (Have a Feast Here Tonight)
Rodney Dillard (Doug's Tune)
John Herald (Need A Whole Lot More of Jesus)
Josh White (In the Pines)
Peter Rowan (Walls of Time)
Charlie Monroe 1 (Banks of the Ohio)
Charlie Monroe 2 (Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms)
John Chapman Rhythm
Beaumont Rag
Fiddle Tune Rhythm
Billy in the Lowground
Wildwood Flower
Gold Rush
Little Rock Getaway
Soldier's Joy
High On A Mountain Top

Western Swing Rhythm:
San Antonio Rose 1
San Antonio Rose 2
Key Changes
Faded Love
Miss Molly 1
Miss Molly 2
Mainden's Prayer
Milk Cow Blues
Ranger Doug 1
Ranger Doug 2
Texas Rhythm 1
Texas Rhythm 2
Western Swing 1
Western Swing 2
Western Swing 3

Swing & Jazz Rhythm:
3 & 4 Note Chords 1
3 & 4 Note Chords 2
Little Rock Getaway
Forked Deer (swing)
June Apple (swing)
Homer Haines
Tennessee Waltz
Fall Foliage
Freddie Green
Jazz Chords
Magic Swing Changes
Sweet Georgia Brown

Rhythm Technique & Theory:
Chord Colors
Off Chords
Sixth Chords
Rest Strokes 1
Rest Strokes 2
Bajo Sexto Rhythm
G-Lick Displacement
Back to Basics
Dropped D Rhythm
Key of A Rhythm
The Beat
Chord Types
Dominant 7 Chords
Fast Rhythm
Groove Rhythm
Hearing Chord Changes
Church Lick 1
Church Lick 2
Lick Fills
Thinking About Rhythm

Old Time Rhythm:
Blue Eyes
Riley Pucket
Roy Harvey
Colored Aristocracy

Blues Rhythm:
Blues Rhythm 1

Irish Rhythm:
Irish Rhythm Basics
John Doyle 1
John Doyle 2

Masters of Rhythm Features:
Curtis Jones
Dan Tyminski
Del McCoury
DL Menard
Gary Gordon
Dudley Connell
John Doyle
James Reams
Jamie Clifton
John Parrott
Kathy Chiavola
Keith Little
Kenny Smith
Leigh Gibson
Marcy Marxer
Martha Adcock
Mary Gibbons
Molly Mason
Nick Forrester
Pat Enright
Paul Brewster
Ralph Stanley II
Ranger Doug 1
Ranger Doug 2
Roland White
Russell Moore
Tim Stafford
Tim Austin
Wyatt Rice

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