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Extra Audio Tracks

On this page I am posting some "practice along" rhythm tracks for Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 1 customers.

In Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 1, I presented a series of rhythm guitar exercises that included a variety of bass runs and fill licks. Each of these progressions were in the I, IV, V format. Most of the arrangements I presented were in the key of G, however, I recommended that the reader work to transcribe those progressions to the keys of C and D as well.

What I am providing here, courtesy of my good friend Brad Davis, are fast and slow rhythm tracks in the keys of G, C, and D. Each track runs through a simply I, IV, V progression. The progressions start with 4 measures of the I chord, then moved to 4 measures of the IV chord, then 4 measures of the V chord, and then back to 4 measures of the I chord. This progression repeats over and over again so that you can play along and practice your bass runs and fill licks while learning to keep time and maintain a good groove.

Have fun with these!

Dan Miller
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

NOTE: Right Click the Links and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to your Desktop. These are BIG files and you may have trouble if you simply click them.

Rhythm #1: G, C, D Rhythm Slow

Rhythm #2: G, C, D Rhythm Fast

Rhythm #3: C, F, G Rhythm Slow

Rhythm #4: C, F, G Rhythm Fast

Rhythm #5: D, G, A Rhythm Slow

Rhythm #6: D, G, A Rhythm Fast