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Errata Page

This page will list mistakes that we have found in early editions of each volume.  Later editions will have these corrections incorporated, however, if you have an early edition, you may want to scan this errata page:

Volume 1:

1)   On page 23 of the printed book in the second paragraph, 7th line and 15th line the "F#" should read "C#".

2) On page 36, second column, second paragraph, in this sentence: "In measure 4, I introduce the 'slide.' To execute this technique, play the C note at the third fret with your index finger, then play the B note with your middle finger." The word "index" in that sentence should read "ring."

3)   There was no printed track list for the CD for Volume 1.  You may find it handy to have one, so here it is:

Track List for Volume 1 CD:

01 Examples 1 to 5.mp3
02 Examples 6 to 10.mp3
03 Examples 11 to 15.mp3
04 Alternating Exercises.mp3
05 Examples 16 to 20.mp3
06 G Runs 1 to 10.mp3
07 G Runs 11 to 20.mp3
08 Examples 21 to 23.mp3
09 G Rhythm.mp3
10 C Rhythm.mp3
11 D Rhythm.mp3
12 Syncopation.mp3
13 Alternate Strums.mp3
14 Lonesome Road Blues.mp3
15 Charlie Monroe 1.mp3
16 Charlie Monroe 2.mp3
17 Roy Harvey 1.mp3
18 Roy Harvey 2.mp3
19 Edd Mayfield 1.mp3
20 Jimmy Martin.mp3
21 Brad Davis 1.mp3
22 Brad Davis 2.mp3
23 Earl Scruggs.mp3
24 Charles Sawtelle 1.mp3
25 Tom Paley.mp3
26 Riley Puckett 1.mp3
27 Doc Watson.mp3
28 Riley Puckett 2.mp3
29 Edd Mayfield 2.mp3
30 Edd Mayfield 3.mp3
31 Peter Rowan in A.mp3
32 Sawtelle 2 (Key of E).mp3
33 Ragtime Annie.mp3

Volume 2:

1)  On page 9, the chord progression for "Salty Dog Blues" should read "I-VI-II-V-I"