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On this page we provide Flatpicking Essentials customers who are working with Volumes 5 and 6 of the course fifteen "Jam Tracks" in the key of G, plus one in the key of C. These tracks can be used to practice many of the exercises that appear in Volumes 5 and 6. They can also be used to practice the exercises that we teach in our Improvisation Workshop. Each of the Jam Tracks are played at three different tempos.  On this page you can access each audio mp3 file separately, or you can download all of them at once in a .zip file.

A PDF file is also available that includes chord charts for each of the 16 progressions shown below. To download any one of the audio tracks, click on the words "Slow" "Medium" or "Fast" show below.  The charts for these progressions are also shown below.

 Click Here to Access the PDF file
that contains the chord charts for these progressions.

Click Here to Download all of the Rhythm mp3 files in a .zip Folder

Progression 1:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 2:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 3:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 4:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 5:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 6:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 7:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 8:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 9:      SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 10:    SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 11:    SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 12:    SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 13:    SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 14:    SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 15:    SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST

Progression 16:    SLOW    MEDIUM     FAST