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Finding Fiddle Tunes on The Web

In Volume 3 of Flatpicking Essentials, I mentioned that I would list some sources for finding information about old fiddle tunes.  Of course, the best source is iTunes.  If you go to the iTunes store and then search on a performer or song title, you will find a lot of great fiddle music and you can hear short clips of the tunes, of course, you'll have to pay.  Another good source is YouTube.  A lot of people have posted videos of themselves or others playing tunes.  With YouTube, however, you'll get some great versions and some not-so-great versions.  Other than those two obvious sources, here a few good web sites where you can find old-time fiddle tunes and listen to them for free on some, or find out some info on others:

Root of American Fiddle Music:  http://www.1001tunes.com/

This is a fantastic site for finding out information about old time fiddle tunes.  Towards the top of the main page the have a "Old time country fiddle TUNE INDEX and FREE downloads" section.  Click on the letters of the alphabet to find the tunes.  This is the best free source for fiddle tunes that I've found.

Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier:  The Henry Reed Collection:  http://www.memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/S?ammem/afcreed:@band(sound+recording))

This is a collection of old fiddle tunes played by fiddler Henry Reed and compiled by the Library of Congress.  There is good information about the tunes and you can hear Henry play them as well.

This site is a great resource for historical information about fiddle tunes.  Go to the front page and click on the "Fiddler's Companion Alphabetical Files"

Digital Library of Appalachia:  http://www.aca-dla.org/

A catalog of information about old fiddle tunes.  From the front page, search on music, then click on fiddle.