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Bonus Flatpicking Licks

As those of you who have worked through Volume 2 of Flatpicking Essentials know, I'm not a big fan of playing "licks" over chord changes. However, I think that licks are fine to use as long as you still have a strong sense of the melody. On this page I will put up some standard licks that you can try to use in the songs that you are working with in the course. I'll give you suggestions as to where they might fit.

Lick #1, with Variations

This is a standard crosspicking lick that is played over an F chord. Try inserting this lick over measures 12 and 13 of the version "Banks of the Ohio" that appears in the crosspicking section of Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 2 (page 78). You might also try it in measures 11 and 12 of "Oh, Susanna" (page 81).

Since this lick is played "closed", meaning there are no open string notes, you can move it and use it over a different chord. For instance, if you move the whole thing up two frets, you can use this lick over a G chord, like this:
If you'd like to fit this lick into "Banks of the Ohio" (page 78 in Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 2), here is a modified version of the lick that fits nicely into that arrangement (over measures 6 and 7):
As a modification of the lick in G, you can take your finger off of the fourth fret of the B string and use the open G note as a ringing tone, like this:
You can also play this style crosspicking lick over the C chord like this:
Try fitting this lick into the arrangement of "Wildwood Flower" shown on page 79 of Flatpicking Essentials, Volume 2 (measures 8 and 9).

You can also close this lick up and move it up the neck two frets to play it over the D chord, like this:

As with any closed lick, you can then move it up higher on the neck to play it over any chord you'd like.
The cool thing about licks like this is that you can modify them to use them with any major chord, eithe r using the F shape and moving it up the neck, or in the D shape, and moving it up the neck.